Children’s Stories


Meet Adam. Thanks to the generous help from our supporters he’s getting the loving support within our Foster Care programme that he missed out on for so long.

It was not always bad for Adam. For the first year of his life he lived happily with his mother. Yes, they were living in poverty, but he was being cared for by a parent who loved him dearly.

Sadly Adam’s mother had tuberculosis and, without the money to pay for treatment, she passed away shortly after Adam’s first birthday.

With no relatives to care for him, Adam became an orphan and spent a year in a state hospital, forced to spend 24 hours a day stuck in a cot.

That’s when we first met Adam. By this time he was two years old.

We set to work immediately and, before too long, had found him a loving new foster family. Do you know that the first time we saw Adam laugh was the day his wonderful new parents welcomed him into their home?

It’s heartening to see how happy Adam is now, the strong bonds he has formed with his foster family, and the progress he is making as he grows up.