Children’s Stories


Meet Ransford. He is 10 years old. He didn’t get the best start in life but, thanks to our Education Matters programme, we are providing the foundations he needs to achieve his dreams.

At the age of just 4 years, Ransford sadly lost his parents and has been living in a small orphanage in rural Ghana.

Growing up, there was a school nearby, but with no-one to support him, Ransford was unable to pay the school fees or even provide himself with essential books and pens.

He was facing a life deprived of an education.

Then, at the age of 9, Ransford got his chance at the newly built Humanitas school in his area. He was extremely shy at first, but our dedicated teachers provided extra tuition after school to help him catch up with his classmates.

After just one year of school Ransford is transformed. His outgoing and cheerful nature rubs off on all who meet him. More than that, his progress in class has been astounding, coming 3rd in his class in the end of year exams.

Ransford is ambitious and is often heard telling his teachers he is studying hard because one day he would love to work in a bank. With your support, Ransford’s dreams can become a reality.

‘I thank God that I have the opportunity to go to school here. I love coming to school very much. I know that I will have a better life one day. Then I will help children that come to the school and my community’ - Ransford Mensah.