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Dr. Ramiz Momeni, Co-Founder & Chairman

Ramiz joined up with Sarah and Romanian Relief in 2003 as Director. Working on the ground in Romania, Ramiz put his medical expertise to great use, permanently improving the lives of countless children and families.

Ramiz was, and continues to be, instrumental in the growth of the organisation, increasing our scope so we can reach ever more vulnerable children who badly need our help.

In 2012 Ramiz co-founded Humanitas charity and has implemented many of our most crucial international projects with resounding success.

Today, Ramiz continues to sow the seeds for successful and impactful medical projects where they are most needed.

"As a doctor and human being, I believe medical care and attention should be available to anyone who needs it. Forming Humanitas has given me the platform to take this belief forward and make it a firm reality for many people’s futures."

Sarah Wade, Co-Founder & trustee

For the best part of two decades Sarah has worked tirelessly to provide long-lasting care and support to thousands of vulnerable children in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Her journey began in 2000, at the age of 18, when Sarah volunteered at an impoverished children’s orphanage in Romania. Horrified at the woeful neglect of the children she helped in this two week period, Sarah was soon back in Romania, with her friend and fellow British citizen Emma Cox.

Sarah wasn’t interested in simply providing temporary relief for these children, who had no home, no family, and no hope for a better future. She was determined to achieve lasting change in their lives.

Thanks to Sarah and Emma’s hard work and unshakable determination, their not-for-profit Romanian Relief charity was up and running, committed to assisting and protecting the long-term emotional, physical, and psychological development of abandoned and orphaned children.

In 2012 Sarah became CEO of UK charity F.R.O.D.O, merging it with Romanian Relief to form Humanitas charity.

A true inspiration, Sarah is passionate, charismatic and endlessly selfless. Sarah’s infectious enthusiasm has resulted in several BBC and ITV documentaries about her work and life.

For impoverished individuals around the globe Sarah has been, quite literally, a lifesaver.

"It is our moral duty as healthy, educated humans to care for people less fortunate than ourselves. If we all acted with this intent, the poverty, suffering and injustice in our world wouldn’t be nearly as rife as it is now"

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Graeme Loughlin, Trustee

Codman Marketing Lead – Europe, Middle East and Africa

A large part of Graeme’s career has been in the neurological division of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices – his current role takes him to all corners of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where he grew up and frequently travels. It was through an association with the Hydrocephalus advocacy group in the UK that he first encountered the work of Humanitas.

“Humanitas is a small, lean charity, consisting of a dedicated team of amazing individuals who care incredibly for the plight of some of the most disadvantaged children you can imagine. I am continually amazed and impressed by the energy and commitment of Sarah and Ramiz and the rest of the team who work so hard every day to improve the lives of so many children, through access to medication, nutrition, education and by providing safe loving homes. I am particularly proud of the ongoing and unstinting emergency support for thousands of vulnerable people seeking refuge in the southeast of Europe and for the establishment of an amazing education opportunity for hundreds of children in Ayensuako, Southern Ghana. ”

"If we can harness the expertise, energy and goodwill of the people around us then together we can truly change the destiny of thousands of children and families, in communities near and far. As trustee of Humanitas I am excited and honoured to be a part of creating that change."

Brad Ross Williams, Trustee

Brad works in finance and is an experienced portfolio manager having managed several multi-asset class portfolios and alternative funds. He started his career at Morgan Stanley before joining the alternative investment group of HSBC focussing on their hedge fund offering.

He sat on the charities commission for HSBC, chaired by Lord Janvrin, which was established to better focus and manage HSBC’s philanthropic duties within the community. In 2008, he also started his own charity providing small grants to assist financially under-privileged households.

“All too often charities and the good they try to do is lost with vague aims or lacklustre execution.  Humanitas suffers from neither of these flaws – the dedicated team of experts knows and understands the issues and problems that the children face. More importantly they know exactly how to help fix the situation whether the difficulties be medical, emotional or social.”

" I am delighted to be part of the team at Humanitas and can't wait to get started with the busy schedule of projects in the pipeline and using my expertise to help make this charity one of the biggest and most efficient charities in the world."


Laura Hughes, Trustee

A former Marketing Manager based in New York and London, Laura is now a Yoga Sports Coach in Cambridge. Laura has been actively fundraising to improve the lives of Romanian orphans since 2008.

"I feel honoured to be part of such a caring and dynamic organisation. Visiting the projects and meeting the children in Romania has driven me to do all that I can to help"


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