Humanitas Charity runs a primary school located in the remote, rural community of Ayensuako in southern Ghana. It forms part of our Education Matters programme.

In Ayensuako, families live in basic mud huts without electricity or sanitation and do their best to live off the land, although the climate and conditions make it a real challenge to grow or sustain crops.

Three hours’ drive from the nearest city, this isolated, hidden community is miles from the main road and so receives no aid or support from outside the community. When you consider Ayensuako has no infrastructure or local trade, life in the village is a daily struggle for survival.

Our school caters for 235 children, providing them with full-time education, and a chance to break the endless cycle of poverty in their community. Our school is staffed by qualified teachers and we provide our students with all of the tools and books they need to succeed.

Primary school normally lasts for 6 years, however an official report from the Ghanaian authorities suggests that only about 21% of primary school students in Ghana are in the appropriate grade for their age.

Poor performance is common in areas like rural Ghana, so we aim to cater for 7-8 years of education, to allow our students to repeat if necessary. Once our students finish primary school we will support their transition to high school and further education.

Ghana is located to the west of Africa and the most common spoken language is English.

It operates on GMT and so is -1 hour during BST

The average temperature is 25-38 degrees Celsius and the atmosphere is hot and humid.

Ghana was the first African country to break free of colonial rule in 1957 which inspired liberation across the whole of the continent. The current Prime Minister is Kwame Nkrumah.

Taking a Trip 4 Humanity to Ayensuako, Ghana

You have three great options when taking a two week trip to Ghana with us, although remember that your trip will be tailored to how you wish it to be carried out.

See below for your choices on how to give a helping hand to the people of Ayensuako:


Whether you’re digging foundations or applying the finishing touches, help to build a secure school where children can learn in a safe environment! Your achievement will be their learning environment!


Bring your creative cap as you join a group delivery lessons in Creative Studies, ICT, and Sports to enhance the school of these eager young learners!


Sustainable farming is the key to helping families grow their way out of poverty. Join us in creating a new farming space for crops and livestock!


See when the next trip is available on our Calendar page.

Can you picture your trip yet? Here’s how your adventure in Ghana might look:

Day 1 - Arrive in Ghana and stay in the capital city, Accra.

Day 2 - Travel to your project location

Day 3 to 6 - Project work interspersed with local trips around the village and surrounding areas. You will also have the opportunity to spend some time with local children from the school.

Day 7 - We’ll transfer you back to Accra for a visit to a cultural market and then head to the airport for your flight home.

Get in contact to find out more about how you can take part in Trip For Humanity in Ghana.