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Therapy Centre

“I am responsible for the Humanitas Therapy Centre where we run physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation programmes for all of the children living in our Safe Homes and those in our Foster Care programme. I get real pleasure out of the work that I do and look forward to playing my part in improving the lives of many more children who need our support in future.” - Radu Contenescu, Humanitas Physical Therapist.

Established in 2005, our Therapy Centre in Romania ensures that abandoned children with special needs and disabilities not only receive the daily, one-to-one treatment they require, but also the necessary emotional support that enables them to grow more confident and happy.

“We offer our children a much better chance at a fulfilling and independent life,” says Radu, who has been delivering vital physiotherapy for under-privileged children with Humanitas charity since 2006.

“Some children respond to the treatments very quickly and make amazing progress in a short period of time,” he adds. “Whilst others require patience and perseverance over many months and sometimes years.”

However long it takes, whatever a child’s recuperation needs, our Therapy Centre is always there.

The Therapy Centre provides a ranges of therapies and counselling for children living in Humanitas Safe Homes, Foster Care families, or from the nearby community. Our dedicated, qualified staff work daily to ensure their every need is catered for.

Most important of all, the care is free.

The children in our care continue to defy expectations and the progress they make is a revelation to us all.

“To give you an idea of what I do, I will focus on a child I worked with for nine years,” says Radu. “Her name is Florentina.”

Radu delivered a tailored care package for Florentina when she was brought to one of our Safe Homes, after she was abandoned in a state hospital aged just one, with a medical diagnosis that stated she would be bed-ridden for life.

For nine years Radu worked with Florentina in our Therapy Centre, for two hours every day, and, against all odds, this courageous 10 year old now walks with Radu round the park.

“Florentina is just one example of how Humanitas offers children a better chance at life,” says Radu, with a smile. “Her life has opened up beyond comprehension and I am really proud of what she has achieved.”

None of this would be possible without the support we receive from our donors. We will continue to work daily with disadvantaged children and together we can be rewarded by the achievements our children make.

Click here to find out more about how you can support the growth and development of a child like Florentina, with our Sponsor a Child programme.

Together, we can achieve lasting change in the lives of impoverished children across the globe.

You can help us reach these children.


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