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Senior Team

Sarah Wade, CEO and Co-Founder

Her journey began in 2000, at the age of 18, when Sarah volunteered at an impoverished children’s orphanage in Romania. Horrified at the woeful neglect of the children she helped in this two week period, Sarah was soon back in Romania, with her friend and fellow British citizen Emma Cox.

Sarah wasn’t interested in simply providing temporary relief for these children, who had no home, no family, and no hope for a better future. She was determined to achieve lasting change in their lives.

Thanks to Sarah and Emma’s hard work and unshakable determination, their not-for-profit Romanian Relief charity was up and running, committed to assisting and protecting the long-term emotional, physical, and psychological development of abandoned and orphaned children.

In 2012 Sarah became CEO of UK charity F.R.O.D.O, merging it with Romanian Relief to form Humanitas charity.

A true inspiration, Sarah is passionate, charismatic and endlessly selfless. Sarah’s infectious enthusiasm has resulted in several BBC and ITV documentaries about her work and life.

For impoverished individuals around the globe Sarah has been, quite literally, a lifesaver.

"It is our moral duty as healthy, educated humans to care for people less fortunate than ourselves. If we all acted with this intent, the poverty, suffering and injustice in our world wouldn’t be nearly as rife as it is now"
Sarah Wade, CEO, Humanitas Charity


Dr Ramiz Momeni, Director and Co-Founder

Ramiz joined up with Sarah and Romanian Relief in 2003 as Director. Working on the ground in Romania, Ramiz put his medical expertise to great use, permanently improving the lives of countless children and families.

Ramiz was, and continues to be, instrumental in the growth of the organisation, increasing our scope so we can reach ever more vulnerable children who badly need our help.

In 2012 Ramiz co-founded Humanitas charity and has implemented many of our most crucial international projects with resounding success.

Today, Ramiz continues to sow the seeds for successful and impactful medical projects where they are most needed.

"As a doctor and human being, I believe medical care and attention should be available to anyone who needs it. Forming Humanitas has given me the platform to take this belief forward and make it a firm reality for many people’s futures."
Dr Ramiz Momeni, Director, Humanitas Charity


Genevieve Jones-Hernandez,

Since 2004 Genevieve has dedicated her life to supporting the world’s most vulnerable individuals, working with a variety of wonderful charities and projects, so in 2012 we were thrilled to welcome her into the Humanitas family:

“I first met Sarah Wade in 2011 in Romania. It was incredible to see the transformation and happiness that radiated from the children and families impacted by Humanitas projects, support & help.

I left Romania feeling inspired and motivated to be part of such an incredible charity,  that really works hard to understand the ‘real’ issues that face impoverished families and abandoned children.

Today, I am excited to say that I am proud, honoured and delighted to be part of the transition that will result in transforming the lives of hundreds and thousands more vulnerable people in developing countries.”

"I believe Humanitas Charity is small enough to truly reflect what charity giving represents, and big enough to make a huge impact on the forgotten or marginalised communities around the world."
Genevieve Jones-Hernandez, Events Manager, Humanitas Charity


Joanne Wearne, Development Associate

Joanne joined Humanitas in September 2015 and is responsible for raising funds from Trusts and Foundations and individuals in support of all aspects of our work. Joanne has worked in fundraising for fourteen years, needless to say, she brings a wealth of invaluable experience to Humanitas as we increase our support for vulnerable people around the globe.

As she explains: “Having worked for larger charities that benefit from big brand awareness and dedicated alumni support, I was keen to use my fundraising experience to benefit a charity where I felt I could make real impact.

For a small charity, Humanitas punches above its weight. I believe this is down to having a CEO with a clear vision, a young and creative team who are committed to the cause and, most importantly, the transformational stories that we are able to tell.

The stories are about real lives, children who have suffered unimaginable neglect and been denied their most basic human rights.

Humanitas has big ambitions and a ‘can do’ approach to its work which is both challenging and hugely motivating. I would like to play my part in making those ambitions a reality by raising further funds to help more children who need it the most.”

Contact Joanne to discuss our funding needs and how you may be able to help.

"For a small charity, Humanitas punches above its weight. I believe this is down to having a CEO with a clear vision, a young and creative team who are committed to the cause and most importantly the transformational stories that we are able to tell." Joanne Wearne, Development Associate, Humanitas Charity

Monica Tabarac1.jpg

Monica Tabarac, Head of Administration

Joining Humanitas in 2007, Monica had experience as a journalist based in Romania and she swiftly became a vital member of our team.  Monica has flourished with Humanitas and currently manages our busy Administration Department.

"To work for a charity so determined and enthusiastic as Humanitas means every day is different - in a good way! And I'm genuinely excited to see how much we can accomplish over the next few years."
Monica Tabarac, Head of Administration, Humanitas Charity


Nora Ollennu, Education Matters Project Manager, Ghana

Nora’s has dedicated her life to helping impoverished people in the third sector in Ghana and worked to bring change to so many lives.

Joining Humanitas charity in 2014, Nora manages our Education Matters (hyperlink) programme in Ghana and is our main representative on the ground.

''I love my work with Humanitas, we really have done some amazing work within the education system and I have seen first-hand the difference we have made on so many students’ lives. I am looking forward to growing our work in Ghana and I am lucky to always have a smile on my face whilst at work.'' Nora Ollennu, Education Matters Project Manager, Humanitas Charity


Monica Popa, Head of social services team Romania

Since joining Humanitas in 2008, Monica played a vital role in developing and implementing our Foster Care system in Romania.

Still based in Romania, she now runs our Social Services Department with passion and dedication, whilst being instrumental in finding loving, safe homes for so many abandoned children without a family.

''I have been lucky enough to be present on all of our childrens’ first day with their new foster families. It is a privilege to be able to change a person’s life in such a substantial way and be involved in their upbringing. It is more than a job to me and I consider these children part of my family too.''  Monica Popa, Head of Social Services Romania, Humanitas Charity


Lavinia Lazar Project Manager, Romania

Lavinia is deeply rooted in the Humanitas family. She joined Humanitas in 2005 and was involved in setting up our first project in Romania, Safe Homes.

She has since played a vital role in growing and managing our ongoing efforts in Romania, influencing the lives of hundreds of under-privileged children.

''Humanitas has been a major part of my life and has given me the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of people around me." Lavinia Lazar, Romania Project Manager, Humanitas Charity


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