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School partnerships 

We want to move beyond fundraising and focus on building connections between pupils here in the UK and Ghana. We believe our new and exciting school initiative will revolutionise how charity and schools work together. Through a youtube channel created only for your school, we will provide your school’s community with a unique opportunity to exchange cultures, creating long-term friendships based on personality and mindfulness.

Meet the people you’re supporting, watch the children grow, and share what your students are working on in your own classrooms.

We believe it is incredibly important for children here in the UK to learn more about children their age in developing countries and the difference in the lives they lead. A school partnership is therefore a great way to enrich your students’ understanding of the various cultures and education systems around the world.

By becoming a partner of our work, together we will create a private online community sharing and celebrating our accomplishments, similarities and differences.

This unique platform allows you to follow where your school’s fundraising efforts go and how it is transforming lives. We have trained our staff to be the voice of the channel, sharing their culture, their interests, personalities and story. We ask the same of our UK school partners, so every month we will release videos from Ghana and the UK, based on our content calendar which is run in sync.

Education Matters Partnership

The Education Matters programme is our most popular way for teachers and pupils to become engaged and excited by the work we do. This is a unique way for total transparency and engagement between the charity and its supporters. We have a year calendar which our Ghana and UK school collaborate on and is focused on creating a positive, mindful and socially conscious outlook.

As part of the partnership scheme you can expect videos from our project and ways to be interact socially, such as learning a song, a playground game, and we even offer the chance to share your likes and dislikes via our vlog pal initiative. Evolving the traditional pen pal set-up into modern day digital media, we send videos from children in the UK to our team in Ghana where they will respond to your video or send you something they like…

In addition we also provide class materials designed ‘by teachers, for teachers’, to support the partnership, in line with the curriculum and to reinforce our ethos that we are all human here.

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Vlog Pal Scheme

Evolving the traditional pen pal set-up into modern day digital media, we send videos from children in the UK to our team in Ghana where they will respond to your video or send you something they like

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There are so many ways to fundraise with Humanitas, from Cake Sales to Fetes. Whatever you decide, we’re on hand to help you all the way! 


Our lessons outlines offer full flexibility to your school and have been designed by teachers to meet National Curriculum standards. 

Annual school events

Humanitas has been working with schools for many years to help educate young people on the effects of poverty, institutionalisation, and global crises. We regularly hold events involving schools to help spread the message about the important work we do.

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