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Safe Homes

Loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children with special needs.

In 2005 Humanitas created the Safe Homes project, committed to providing lifelong care for orphaned and abandoned Romanian children with special needs and disabilities.

Not only do they provide essential medical assistance, but these residential homes guarantee a loving family environment to allow these abandoned children – who are often barely surviving in institutions – to grow and to flourish. And wow, have they seized the opportunity of a better life.

Foster Parents provide full time care in the homes, offering unconditional love and support that the children have so far missed out on in their lives.

Additional Humanitas staff, including qualified doctors, physiotherapists, and psychologists visit the Safe Home’s onsite Therapy Centre daily, to provide the one-to-one healthcare the children require.

Each of our children has shown phenomenal progress throughout their time in our safe homes, and our dedicated team work daily to empower these individuals to reach their full potential, both physically and mentally.

As they grow older in our care, we are with them every step of the way, through school, university and beyond. However they choose to advance themselves, the Humanitas Safe Home is always there for them.

It is hugely rewarding to witness the lasting improvement in these children who, without the Safe Homes project, would not have received the vital daily care they need.

And you too can share in their achievements. After all, none of this would be possible without the ongoing support of our fantastic donors.

Sponsor a child

For just £10 a month you can sponsor a child like Lydia in one of our Safe Homes or foster care programme.

As a monthly donor, our unique sponsorship plan gives you access to a private video channel, which is updated every month with videos the child you’re supporting. This way you’re not only playing a central role in their development but you’re also immersing yourself in the everyday life of the child, who simply wouldn’t be making this progress without you.

For £10 a month you will:

  • BE WITH THEM EVERY STEP OF THE WAY - by providing a loving, safe and nurturing environment our children have overcome and surpassed all expectations. And you will see their development, which you made possible.

  • RECEIVE YOUR OWN DIGITAL PACK - as we are a paperless charity, you will receive a digital pack crammed with info on the child you’re sponsoring, plus a link to their private youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe!

  • FOLLOW OUR EXCITING VIDEO UPDATES - every two months, on the 1st Monday of the month we release authentic, unedited footage showing the growth and development of your sponsored child. These are raw and unedited; we try our best to capture their essence but please bear in mind many of our children were institutionalised.

  • STAY UP TO DATE - alongside the monthly video releases, we will send you regular digital updates from the school, including drawings, letters, and photos your child has made throughout the year.

You will see the direct and lasting improvements you have made to the life of your sponsored child. Thank you for your support.

They need you

Your contributions can make a direct and lasting improvement to the
lives of individuals who are deprived of education, health care, and a
family. Find out how you can help make a difference.

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