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Our story

2000 – Stark realisation

Humanitas charity has come a long way since a British A-Level student called Sarah Wade volunteered at an impoverished children’s orphanage in Romania back in 2000. It was an experience that would change the course of Sarah’s life, as well as the lives of thousands of under-privileged children and families across Europe in the years to come. That’s because Sarah was horrified at the neglect and treatment of the orphaned childrenshe met and vowed she would do something about it. She vowed to make a difference.

2001 – Romanian Relief is born

Within a year Sarah was back in Romania, with fellow British citizen Emma Cox, and together they set about changing lives, not just temporarily, but for good. In 2001, thanks to their hard work and unshakable determination, their Romanian Relief charity was up and running, committed to assisting and protecting the long-term emotional, physical, and psychological development of abandoned and orphaned children.

But this was just the beginning...

2003 – Fresh impetus

In 2003 the visionary Dr Ramiz Momeni joined as Director and after that, for Romanian Relief, there was no looking back. Ramiz kick-started a variety of projects that provided free health care, psychological therapy, and family planning for under- privileged children and adults. For the poorest people in the region, it was the shot in the arm they so sorely needed.

2012 – F.R.O.D.O merger, Humanitas born

Founded in 2006 by Robin Nydes, F.R.O.D.O was a UK charity inspired by Robin’s watching of a BBC documentary on Sarah’s work with Romanian Relief. F.R.O.D.O provided vital treatment and training in areas of extreme poverty in Romania and Albania, whilst remaining active and committed supporters of Romanian Relief. It was therefore a landmark moment for the two key charities, and the lives of impoverished children around the world, when in 2012 Sarah became CEO of F.R.O.D.O and the charities merged to form Humanitas. 

Present day and beyond...

Fast forward to the present day and Humanitas charity has achieved lasting, positive change in the lives of over 43,000 individuals across Europe and Africa. And we’re not stopping there.

With your help we have already achieved so much to ensure the world’s poorest and most vulnerable individuals have access to education, health care, and a family. 

Our current areas of focus

Education Matters
We build and run schools in rural Ghana, for communities without access to an education.

Safe Homes
We create loving homes for orphaned children with special needs and disabilities in Eastern Europe, providing daily one-to- one care and a dedicated family.

Foster Care
We set up secure and stable families for abandoned children who were living in institutions in Eastern Europe.

Emergency response to the Refugee Crisis
We provide emergency medical treatment on the ground to men, women, and children who have lost their homes fleeing war-torn countries.

Medical Treatment and Training
We train local doctors in Europe and Africa on how to treat the potentially fatal illness Hydrocephalus.

We equip local hospitals with the necessary facilities to combat the illness.

We treat patients who do not normally have access to medical care.

Therapy Centres
We provide daily medical treatment for the children in our Safe Homes and Foster Care families. 


Our vision

Our vision is to expand and strengthen the impact our projects have on thousands of forgotten, abandoned children in the developing world. We are compelled to stand up and take action for the neglected, for the orphaned, and for the outcast.

For those who lack a voice, we will be there. For those who lack a family, we will be there.

For those without access to education or vital medical care, we will be there. By joining us you can be there too.

We are Humanitas, working for humanity. 


They need you

Your contributions can make a direct and lasting improvement to the
lives of individuals who are deprived of education, health care, and a
family. Find out how you can help make a difference.

Our newsletter

Follow our progress as we improve lives around the globe with the Humanitas newsletter. It has updates on all our projects, as well as news on the latest events, challenges, and other exciting ways you can get involved, so you won't miss a thing.