Michael takes on the Garbage Run for Humanitas check out his blog

In June this year completed the annual Garbage Run bike ride to in support of Hitchin based Humanitas Charity. I wanted to support Humanitas because I like the idea of supporting locally based charity that are doing great work across three continents. It also appeals to me they are a relatively small organisation with low overheads so I know that more of the money I raise will be going directly to support those who really need it.


The idea of being able to raise money for a good cause whilst doing something that I basically love doing really appealed to me. However, I knew there had to be some element of challenge to make it something people would want to get behind. So the choice to leave my regular (quicker and more comfortable) ride at home and do over 1500 miles on a little 110cc bike with full camping gear seemed the clear choice.  

I met a great group of people on the Garbage Run and wherever we stopped people were interested to know what where we were going on the little bikes. They were genuinely surprised and impressed when we told them our final destination was John O’Groats. Sure there were low points, like not getting much sleep for the first two nights! Or the day I spent around eleven hours on the bike after being told I would have to back track 45 miles because the Mallaig ferry was already full. However,  it was at times like these, when I was cold and tired and just wanting to get off the bike and lay down, that the fundraising aspect of my trip really helped keep me going. There was a great sense of achievement when we finally reached our destination after week on the road and an even greater sense of satisfaction for having raised over £600 for Humanitas. This really made the whole experience worthwhile.

Overall, I really enjoyed the whole experience. The scenery in Scotland was amazing, I had some great conversations with the people I met, I enjoyed the camping, the people we met and places we saw along the way. Humanitas were very supportive throughout the challenge,  offering lots of encouragement and good advice. Having seen details of some of the work they do, I am keen to support them however I can and am already considering what my next challenge will be. There’s a big world to be explored on the little bike. Watch this space!