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Foster Care

It is estimated that between 143 and 210 million children worldwide are orphans.

A staggering statistic. This means there are millions of abandoned children around the world with no home, no families, and no hope for the emotional support they so urgently need in their formative years.

At Humanitas charity addressing this desperate situation is our primary mission. This is our passion. With your help we have achieved so much. With your continued support, we can achieve so much more.

We’re not interested in makeshift, temporary solutions. We’re in it for the long haul.

A key part of our strategy for tackling child homelessness is our Foster Care and Adoption Programme.

We form secure, stable Foster Homes for children, with devoted foster parents providing the love and care the kids have so sorely missed in their lives.

We have passionate Social Service experts established in some of Eastern Europe’s poorest regions, dogged in their determination to find homes for abandoned children living in orphanages, state hospitals, and institutions.

And we don’t stop there. Once they are at home with permanent, loving foster care families, we continue to monitor and support the child’s progress, and are gifted daily surprises by the strides they make.

We are committed to providing the lifelong support these disadvantaged children need. We are making a long-term difference to their lives.

You can help us continue to make that difference

For now, we’ll leave you with Adam, who is coming on leaps and bounds in his new home:

They need you

Your contributions can make a direct and lasting improvement to the
lives of individuals who are deprived of education, health care, and a
family. Find out how you can help make a difference.

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