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"MAKE IT HAPPEN. You will not only better yourself, but you will be making a real difference to a life touched by one truly remarkable charity, Humanitas. It is a journey of physical and emotional highs and lows and takes you across pain barriers you thought impossible to overcome. The feeling of stepping into that ring and putting your body on the line is a feeling too few have experienced. Too many regret. I made that step and have never looked back. Sign up today and Fight for Humanity. "

Kevin O'Reilly
Champion Fighter of the night - May 2014


"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for one of the best experiences of my life I cannot believe I did what I thought 6 months ago as being impossible . You done a fabulous job and your infectious ability to make us feel motivated was superb. Once again thank you."



"The venue was great and all the fighters really nice guys, and the crowd was so supportive, irrelevant of sides. That is a major selling point for the charity, as I can tell you the first thoughts that runs through everyone’s head is will be some kind of setup? Will the crowd be baying for blood etc!? Silly I know, but honestly being able to reassure contenders that it is a raucous, enthusiastic but still supportive crowd is a good thing and I had so many people come and congratulate me just for giving it a go!"



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