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Education Matters

Around 263 million of the world’s children are out of school and about one third of these children live in West and Central Africa.

We know that education matters. We know it. We know the difference it has made to our lives and the potential it has to make a real difference in the lives of countless people around the globe.

But ask yourself what would happen if we lived in a place so desolate it did not have a functioning school? What hope would our children have in making a future for themselves?

What if there were schools but we didn’t have the money to give our children this kick-start in life, with school fees, even simple books and pens, a luxury we couldn’t afford?

What if we were so poor we had no choice but to send our youngest children to work every day just so our family could survive?

These are the challenges facing thousands of families living in rural Ghana.

Humanitas charity aims to give these honest, hardworking, desperately poor people the chance of a better life.

We build schools in these remote, forgotten areas. We populate the schools with qualified teachers. We give families and children stuck in this never-ending cycle of poverty the building blocks for a life that involves more than just barely surviving for another week. 

Ayensuako School, Southern Ghana

In 2014 we launched our ‘Education Matters’ programme, in the remote village of Ayensuako. It has been an inspiration.

This community faces a struggle for survival every day of their lives and, without access to education, the children’s options are confined to those of their parents – a cycle of poverty, of subsistence farming where a day’s work might be enough to feed their family for one day.

Humanitas charity addressed this absolute need by establishing a pre-school and a junior school for 232 children. The community has not looked back.

We are rewarded every day by the dedication, enthusiasm, and tangible progress made by our pupils. They are inspiring to us all. They are taking control of their lives.

And the children have such a wonderful array of ambitions; some want to be a doctor, some want to teach, some even aspire to be president one day, but what they all have in common is their determination to provide a better future for their families and their community. 

Perfect's Story


‘My name is Perfect and I am ten years old. I go to the Humanitas School but I will leave in a week to go to high school. I wish I could stay here because I will miss my teacher very much but I will come and visit all the time. When I grow up I want to be a nurse and I would like to be a nurse for Humanitas so I can help the children in this school.’ 


Choose to invest £7 on a child’s education and transform the fortunes of an entire community. We have created a unique way for you to connect with and truly get to know the incredible people you are helping. Each month, via our private youtube channel, we release videos from our teachers and students sharing updates. When you sponsor you will be involved at every step of the child’s inspiring journey through education. A journey you made possible.

For just £7 a month you will:

  • SUPPORT A CHILD’S EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY - you will witness their remarkable progress through school, as they acquire the skills to succeed in later life.

  • ACHIEVE REAL, SUSTAINABLE CHANGE - the talented children in our schools are the first of their families to access education, so not only are you changing a child’s future, but you’re opening opportunities for their whole family to prosper.

  • RECEIVE YOUR OWN DIGITAL SPONSOR PACK - as we are a paperless charity, you will receive a digital pack crammed with info on the ins-and-outs of the school, plus a link to our private youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe!

  • FOLLOW OUR EXCITING VIDEO UPDATES - every 1st Monday of the month we release authentic footage from our school in Ghana. You can comment, say hi and speak directly to our team.

  • STAY UP TO DATE - alongside the monthly video releases, we will send you regular digital updates from the school, including drawings, letters, and photos from our students throughout the year.

We couldn’t think of a better way for you to see the direct influence you make to the lives of impoverished children and their families! Thank you for your support.

“I thank God that I have the opportunity to go to school here. I love coming to school very much. I know that I will have a better life one day. Then I will help children that come to the school and my community.” - Ransford Mensah, Humanitas school pupil.

 They need you

 Your contributions can make a direct and lasting improvement to the
lives of individuals who are deprived of education, health care, and a
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