Children’s Stories


Meet Corina. Thanks to our Hydrocephalus support scheme, and your kind support, this once abandoned child now lives with her loving parents.

Mrs Chebeleuo gave birth to twins. One of her twins, Corina, developed Hydrocephalus, more commonly known as ‘water on the brain’. Without proper medical treatment the illness is fatal.

The Chebeleuo family understood their newborn baby had a life-threatening illness and were not aware of the necessary surgery that would save Corina’s life.

Corina’s situation was hopeless.

They decided to abandon her, almost certainly leaving Corina to die at hospital. They went home with only one baby.

When we found out we outlined the possibility of surgery for their daughter.

Corina’s parents were wary at first, having never before heard of this type of surgery. Like so many parents, they believed nothing could be done.

But we knew Corina could be saved. Eventually her parents agreed to surgery and, working with a partnering practitioner in Bucharest, Corina was operated on in time.

Now Corina is back at home and living happily with her parents and twin sister. She is a prime example of how, with the right information and fast efficient medical care, we can save lives.

Our Hydrocephalus support scheme made this happen. Corina was one of the lucky ones. It’s our aim to reach as many children as possible who suffer from this treatable illness.

“If it wasn’t for Humanitas we wouldn’t have our daughter today. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” - Corina’s mother.