Children’s Stories


Meet Claudiu. Thanks to your support and our Therapy Centre programme we have helped him to stand on his own two feet… literally!

When he was just 3 years old Claudiu’s mother sadly passed away.

With no relatives to care for him he ended up in a county hospital, where he was confined to a cot, neglected and alone.

Claudiu suffers from cerebral palsy. When we first met him he had been living in a cot at the hospital for 7 months. Due to the lack of care he couldn’t speak, stand, or even sit up without assistance.

When we brought Claudiu to our Safe Homes he finally had a family again. What’s more we have been able to provide Claudiu with daily physiotherapy.

His progress has been simply remarkable, for not only does he now speak, stand and sit up unaided, but he has grown into a charming little boy who we’ve all fallen in love with.

Claudiu has certainly not had an easy start to life but, with our help, he has hope for a much brighter future.