Children’s Stories


Meet Angela. She had an extremely sad and difficult start in life. She was born into severe poverty, she never met her father and her mother is a severe alcoholic and rarely sober.

When we first met Angela, she had been left in a small mud where she lived. She was left alone for most of the day, in fact, her mother would leave for weeks on end and Angela was forced to fend for herself, surviving on scraps from neighbours.

She was undernourished, under developed and in an extremely bad state. She was barely able to speak as no one had ever taught her how to. She had never been washed and was full of lice and other parasites.

Our social services team took on Angela’s case and in January 2013 we brought her to live at our Safe Homes project. She was so amazed and happy to be in her new home.

We had to teach Angela basic life skills such as how to use a toilet, how to eat and she even had to be shown how to sleep in a bed. Everything that we take for granted was entirely new to her.

Angela is such a lovely girl. She really loves her new foster parents and is making great progress at Safe Homes. It is a privilege for us to care for Angela and we are so pleased she now has the family she so rightly deserves.